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Hyestart supports the reviving of the Armenian PEN Centre

At the initiative of the ARI literature foundation, writers, translators, editors, journalists and other literary figures gathered on Monday 25 September in Yerevan to re-create the Armenian PEN Centre of PEN International. Hyestart co-founder Alexis Krikorian was invited to deliver a keynote speech on this occasion to describe why PEN International, founded in 1921, was still relevant in today's world and why it was important to have a strong and active PEN centre in Armenia to promote freedom of expression, Armenian literature worldwide, as well as translation, linguistic rights and peace. In his speech he underlined that PEN was a venerable and credible institution made up of courageous writers who dared to speak the truth to power, like for instance Eugene Schoulgin.

The speech is available here.

The issues PEN stands for - freedom of expression, peace, translation, linguistics rights, the role of women - are all acutely raised in Armenia. Hyestart therefore wishes a long and fruitful life to the re-born Armenian Pen Center and is very much looking forward to cooperating with PEN Armenia on the numerous activities, which will be put in place.

For more information, please contact Hyestart:

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