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The Armenian stand at the Geneva Book Fair 

Raising public awareness of Armenian issues and literature and culture

Hyestart President Alain Navarra has been in charge of the program for the Armenian stand at the Geneva Book Fair for many years. The general organization of the Armenian stand is the responsibility of the Hagop D. Topalian Foundation, which mobilizes with talent many people who invest themselves without counting the cost and many sponsors of the Armenian community of Geneva in order to ensure the success of the Armenian stand over time. 


The year 2015, centenary of the Armenian genocide, had had a rich program on the theme "I remember, I claim". This Artzakank-echo article summarizes the program for this year 2015. 

In 2017, the program theme of the  Armenian stand was: "What rights for women in Armenia and neighboring countries?"

Many renowned speakers attended, including Pinar Selek, Somaye Khajvandi, Elisabeth Gangloff-Parmentier, Martine Hovanessian, etc. A film by Vahan Ishkhanyan was also screened and the latest book by Viken Berberian was presented.

The complete program is available here

The theme of the year 2018 was the following: "From diaspora to diasporas: Circulations, migrations, history and cultures".

Many renowned speakers were present, including Murathan Mungan, Krikor Beledian, Eugene Schoulgin, Ragip Zarakolu, Guillaume Perrier, Laure Marchand, Astrig Atamian, Boris Adjémian, Maxime Yevadian, Roland Godel and Harry Komrouyan... 

The full program is available in the press kit here

In 2019, the last year before the Covid, the theme of the Armenian stand was: "Armenia: from the Soviet legacy to the Velvet Revolution, the construction of the rule of law". Many themes were discussed (democracy, human rights, etc.).


Listen to some of the talks below

The complete program is available here

In 2023, for the great return of the Geneva book fair at Palexpo and in March, many people were invited, including:


Anaïd Demir,  Rebecca Topakian, Araks Sahakyan, Sarkis Torossian, Carole Fékété, Gilles Bader, Taline Kortian, Bardig Kouyoumdjian, Marina Dedeyan, Tigrane Yegavian, Taline Ter Minassian, Jean-Robert Raviot, Michel Petrossian, Alexis Krikorian, Boris Adjemian, Vahé Gabrache, Maxime Yevadian, Roupen Kalfayan, Arsène Kalfayan, Roy Arakelian, Harry Koumrouyan. 

"Le sillon" Prix RenaudotValérie Manteau
00:00 / 57:04
Chroniques de la 3ème RépubliqueVahé Ter Minassian
00:00 / 1:01:49
"Journal d'un militant"Ara Krikorian
00:00 / 1:15:37
Chant MarjanianMémoires d'un orpholin arménien (de K. Panian)
00:00 / 1:16:41
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