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EU Literature Prize: "Good news for Armenian literature" declares Hyestart

Updated: Apr 16, 2021


For the first time this year, Armenia is eligible (along with 13 other countries including Tunisia) for the European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL) whose “aim it to put the spotlight on the creativity and diverse wealth of Europe’s contemporary literature in the field of fiction, to promote the circulation of literature within Europe and to encourage greater interest in non-national literary works”. The works of the selected winners (one per country participating in the Prize on a rotation basis) will thus reach a wider and international audience, and touch readers beyond national and linguistic borders”.

The European Union Prize for Literature is a consortium composed of the European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF), the European Writers' Council (EWC) and the Federation of European Publishers (FEP). The Prize is funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission. The European Union Prize for Literature has been in existence for more than ten years and is organized jointly by the three members of the consortium who appoint the members of the Jury.

The jury members selected for Armenia are:

* Armen Ohanyan (Pen Armenia),

* Arevik Ashkharoyan (Ari literature),

* Anahit Avetisyan (translator of many books, including recently "Au revoir, Piaf" by Aram Pachyan published by Parenthèses),

* Shakeh Havan (Art Bridge) and

* Mkrtich Matevosyan (Actual Art).

Hyestart has a fund that includes a translation grant ("the Vartanouche Krikorian translation grant") whose goal is to promote on an international level Armenian fiction with a contemporary social and/or political resonance in Armenia.

Hyestart therefore fully subscribes to the objectives of the Prize and is pleased to have been able to make a consultative contribution to the selection of the Armenian jury. Hyestart President Alain Navarra reacted by saying: "This eligibility is excellent news for Armenian literature, especially in terms of visibility in Europe and beyond".

A final decision of the Jury is expected in May. We look forward to its decision and wish the jury good luck in its deliberations!

About the Vartanouche Krikorian Fund:

About the European Union Prize for Literature:

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