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Hyestart's submission to the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Azerbaijan

107th Session; 8 - 30 August 2022. Nationalist discourses on heritage and the cultural dressing up of violence.

Hyestart submission_CERD_AZ_
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Our recommendations to the international community are, following the ICJ order of 7 December 2021 and the EP resolution of 10 March 2022, to engage urgently and more effectively to ensure a long-term and sustainable resolution to the Artsakh conflict, acknowledging:

  • the xenophobic, aggressive and racist policies of the Republic of Azerbaijan at State- level and its intensive militarization that poses an existential threat to the people of Karabakh;

  • the torture and killing of Armenian captives, including PoWs and civilians;

  • the danger posed to Armenian cultural heritage;

  • The occupation of certain Armenian territories of Karabakh that ensure the integrity of the region, safe communication, access to water, and other security guarantees;

  • The impossibility of reconciliation between the conflicting parties under such conditions.

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