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Armenian Stand at Geneva Book Fair: What rights for women in Armenia?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

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Armenian marchers, Martin Luther King March, 1965


Geneva, 12 April 2017

Armenian Stand at Geneva Book Fair: What rights for women in Armenia and in neighbouring countries?

As every year, the Armenian stand will be present at the Geneva Book Fair (26-30 April 2017) thanks to the unfailing support of the Hagop D. Topalian Foundation.

Through a programmatic partnership with Hyestart, which promotes cultural democracy in Armenia and neighbouring countries, the Armenian stand will be presenting this year a series of presentations and panel discussions focusing on the situation and rights of women in the South Caucasus, Turkey and Iran.


Firstly because the situation in this area demands it. Secondly, because respect for women's rights is part of the rhetoric of democracy. It is a guarantee of democratic modernity.

Talking about the right and position of women in our societies is talking about equality and gender equality in a democratic landscape, but for the moment it is especially about truncated, even denied citizenship. Raising this topic also helps dismantle the mechanisms of oppression and domination. It is therefore a choice of civilization that interests us all because it gives us the possibility of maintaining common action in a world marked by the instrumentalisation of social and human relations.

Thanks to the round tables and the expertise of our guests (Professor Elisabeth Gangloff-Parmentier of the University of Geneva, Martine Hovanessian of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, sociologists Somaye Khajvandi and Pinar Selek, etc.), we will be able to question, during this book fair, the violence against women, the "gendercide" committed against girls in the three countries of the South Caucasus and we will try to analyse the multiplicity of situations in order to understand the con-figuration of discourses and practices in the men-women disparity in the region.

Viken Berberian's book "The Structure is Rotten Comrade", Actes sud) and a short film by Vahan Ish-khanyan ("Women of the Archangel Michael", 27 mn, 2014) on a Russian women's village in Northern Armenia will be present in order to shed light on contemporary creation in Armenia. Vahan is one of the founders of the literary journal "Inknagir".

Activism and LGBT rights in Armenia and neighbouring countries:

Hyestart, in partnership with Dialogai, is organizing the screening of the Pink Armenia documentary Lis-ten to me: untold stories beyond hatred. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Pinar Selek, a committed Turkish sociologist and the President of Hyestart, sociologist and art historian Alain Navarra. Let us meet at Dialogai (11 rue de la Navigation) on Saturday 29 April at 6pm. The screening and discussion will be followed by an Armenian buffet (Armenian wine and mezzes).

Media Contact:

Alain Navarra-Navassartian (President of Hyestart): Main Moderator • +41 76 543 07 82

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