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27.2.2023 - Video following the rally  organized in front of the UN in Geneva at the opening of the UNHRC to tell Aliyev to: "Stop attacking the Armenians" & "End the Artsakh Blockade. Our demands to the international community.  

28.6.2022 - Interview of Alexis Krikorian (Hyestart) by Jean Rafferty at a joint Scottish PEN - Dove Tales event (The Age of Impunity) about the concept of Toxic Neutrality.

20.12.2020 - Interview of Alexis Krikorian (Hyestart) by Jean Rafferty (Dove Tales) about the situation in Karabakh. 

3.12.2020 - Graph on the actions that the French executive branch can carry out to show its "friendship" to Armenia, beyond humanitarian aid and following the votes of the French Parliament calling for recognition of Nagorno Karabagh.

France amie_UK-2.jpg

30.11.2020 - Video 1 - Protecting the Armenian cultural heritage of Karabakh 

4.11.2020 - Graph on the TAP project, one of the most strategic in Europe, which opens in mid-November and whose shareholders are European companies and Socar.

TAP FB.jpg

16 October 2020 - March for Peace in front of the UN building in Geneva. 

#RecognizeArtsakh #ResponsibilitytoProtect

20.09.2020 - Video presentation of the book Au revoir, Piaf (Good-bye, Bird) by Aram Pachyan (Ed. Parenthèses) whose release in September 2020 was supported by the translation grant of Hyestart (Vartanouche Krikorian). 

25.4 - 29.4. 2018 - Interview of Anaïd Donabedian (Inalco) by Alain Navarra (Hyestart) for the 2018 Geneva Book Fair (Armenian stand) regarding Western Armenian as a diaspora language. (In French).

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