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To promote democracy and human rights in Armenia and in Turkey, we work with many like-minded NGOs like the International Committee for Freedom and Justice for Sevan Nisanyan (Turkey), DialogaiNetwork, KASA (CH), Pinar Selek's support committee (France)Pink (Armenia), or L'invitation au Savoir, our travel partner. We highly recommend their solidarity-based cultural trips!

For our projects, we cooperate with the Armenian literary agency Ari, the Geneva groups of Amnesty International, the Armenian PEN Center (of PEN International), and the Hagop D. Topalian Foundation on the program of the Armenian stand at the Geneva Book Fair. 

The newspaper Artzakank-Echo is also one of our partners. 


Hyestart primarily receives funding and resources from the following:  

  • Endowments of the founding members,

  • Contributions,

  • Gifts, legacies, grants,

  • Sponsorships.


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