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Hyestart has 2 main aims:


Hyestart’s # 1 aim is to promote the genuine democratization of Armenia and its neighbors, in particular Turkey, including the rule of law, free and fair elections, and human rights, with a special focus on:

  • The rights of ethnic, linguistic, gender, religious, sexual (LGBTI) and other minorities (vulnerable populations);

  • Artistic freedoms and freedom of expression:  freedom to write, freedom to publish, freedom to create and related rights.

Hyestart is also committed to supporting human rights in the Diaspora where conservatism is sometimes as developed as in Armenia. The survival of Western Armenian is also an important issue.

Finally, Hyestat is interested in other human rights within its mission, for example the right to free and fair elections (art. 21 UDHR) or emerging rights such as cultural rights or the right to the truth. 

Hyestart’s # 2 aim is to support socially-challenging and politically-meaningful (i.e. which concerns the citizen) contemporary artistic creation in Armenia and the region, emphasizing visual arts and literature. 


The activities Hyestart leads to support its aims:

Examples of activities supporting Aim # 1

  • Training aimed at building societies that are more respectful of human rights;

  • We report about human rights abuses in the fields of freedom of expression and minority rights in the  region and, if need be, conduct targeted advocacy with regards to these human rights abuses;

  • We lead initiatives that inform on the human rights situation in the region (e.g. the 26.4.18 conference in Geneva) or that lead to a better respect of human rights in the region (e.g. : support for the revival of the PEN Centre in Armenia);

  • We create the program of the Armenian stand at the Geneva Book Fair; a programme which, year after year, highlights human rights issues in Armenia and the region.

  • The Vartanush Krikorian Freedom to Publish Fund. 

Examples of activities supporting Aim # 2: 

We lead and/or support:

  • Training activities to teach/enlighten the contemporary tools of artistic creation;

  • Initiatives (e.g. conferences), which encourage and promote socially-challenging and politically-meaningful (i.e. which concerns the citizen) Armenian artistic creation, especially in the fields of literature, and visual arts;

  • The Vartanush Krikorian translation grant. 

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