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1.5 - 5.5 2019 - Armenian stand at the Geneva Book Fair. This year's theme:  Armenia: From Soviet legacy to the Velvet Revolution, the construction of the rule of law. Recordings and program are available here

25.4 - 29.4. 2018 - Armenian stand at the Geneva Book Fair. This year's theme: From diaspora to diasporas: Circulations, migrations, history and cultures.


Many renowned speakers will be present, including Murathan Mungan, Krikor Beledian, Eugene Schoulgin, Ragip Zarakolu, Guillaume Perrier, Laure Marchand, Astrig Atamian, Boris Adjémian, Maxime Yevadian, Roland Godel, Harry Komrouyan, etc. 


Hors les murs an exceptional programme this year on freedom of expression in Turkey with a debate at the Salons theatre on Thursday 26 April from 18:00 and an exhibition on censorship in Turkey at the Maison des Associations on 26-29 April 2018. 


26.4 - 30.4. 2017 - Armenian stand at the Geneva Book fair. This year's theme: What Rights for Women in Armenia & Neighboring Countries? 

There will be many great speakers, including Pinar Selek, Somaye Khajvandi, Elisabeth Gangloff-Parmentier, Martine Hovanessian, etc.

Screening of a film by Vahan Ishkhanyan and presentation of Viken Berberian's latest book.

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